Guardian Technologies, LLC is dedicated to bringing innovative, effective and quality new home environment products to the consumer market, including cutting edge UV-C technologies.


SLV PR has been working with Guardian Technologies since 2010, handling public relations and media relations outreach on behalf of the brand. While the media traditionally has been a conduit through which brands have reached their target audiences, brands are now able to reach consumers through other viable channels, including bloggers and social media influencers. SLV PR manages a product review program for Guardian Technologies where new products are sent to micro influencers who are parents for their candid review which they will post to their blog or corresponding social media sites.

Because of their authenticity, micro influencers have a strong, loyal following and their followers are typically eager to try out new products suggested by that influencer. SLV PR has worked with dozens of U.S. and Canadian influencers to help spread the word about the features and benefits of new Guardian Technologies products hitting the market.

“I love that something this small can reduce the spread of germs by attacking microscopic airborne bacteria, viruses and mold spores as they pass through the UV-C light. UV-C light kills germs without the use of chemicals — another win!”

– Mommies with Cents


For one particular campaign, SLV PR worked with 12 influencers resulting in 12 blog and social media posts, resulting in nearly 2,000,000 media impressions.