You know you’re a Public Relations pro when…

  1. You tend to mentally review any emails and texts you receive – even if they’re only from your friends and family.  And, if you’ve made a typo yourself, you immediately send a follow-up text with the intended word/grammar.
  2. Much to the annoyance of your family, you aggressively need to ‘plan in advance’ to ‘book’ family gatherings and ‘nail down dates’ for holidays.
  3. You don’t read the news for the news’ sake, but rather for ideas of how and where you can find publicity opportunities for your clients(“Hmm, wonder how this trend on increasing bear attacks can help my client that makes laundry cleaning products”).
  4. It’s a minor victory when you spot a typo in a novel you’re reading (“Woot, woot! I’m calling Random House right now!”).
  5. At least once a month, one of your friends or family members tells you about a great TV ad they love, and then offers more ideas for you to take back to your boss.
  6. Over the course of your career, you’ve appeared in dozens of product usage photos (“see that? it’s my hand holding that bottle of glue!”), camera-ready articles and video news releases.  And, you might even have dressed up as your client’s company mascot.
  7. You learned to no longer use your family in the above-mentioned tactics for fear you will silence the video crew again when you yell at your mom for not realistically taking the plate out of the microwave (“Come on, Mom – do it again!”) #guilty
  8. You’ve removed yourself from being the point person who divides the check and collects the cash at lunch (#BadAtMath).
  9. You’re addicted to your mobile devices to the point of exhaustion, but at the same time you would seriously love to chuck them off of a bridge for a few days (but just a few).
  10. It’s taken you 20 years of trying to explain to your parents what you actually do for a living – and they still don’t understand!
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